Some small rules to follow so that our echanges future take place for best. I invite you has to read this page and indeed on has to respect the orders
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The Police dominated 80' years it is an evidence. Major group of the English pop, the track which left the group is very visible even nowadays. Return over 10 years of the history of a group which changed the music...
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Laborious debuts in 1977 in the middle of the English punk movement in the concerts of Amnesty International in 1986, I invite you to relive tours by tours all the official concerts of the group in four corners of the world...
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My bootlegs on the group. I suggest you discovering my collection of lives of the group from 1977 till 1986. Presented in the form of detailed index card, you will find all the details to choose in best the live which interests you or the one who can completer your collection....
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A list of links on sites of the traders of the whole world but also the sites on the group Police generally. I invite you to send me your banners to develop in best this column and so be able to make for you connaitre of all....
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First of all, allow I to presenter. My name is Stephane, I am 35 years old and I lived in Paris in France. I exercise computer graphic designer's job and I modest knowledge in Web allow me to offer you this site.

I am proud to say today that I am a fan of the group Police since 1979 !!! Indeed, while I was only 10 years old and while I thus commencais has to interest me in the music, I was stunned to discover to the radio a piece which was going to make a big career: " In A message Bottle ". It was the beginning of the big passion which lasts even now and in spite of years and of numerous artists who accompanied me, I am always persuaded that this group is the best and will live my preferred. I absolutely agree with those who assert that Police is the group of the 80s.

It is in the middle of the 80s (in 1984 exactly) that I began a big collection of lives cassettes of the group. I was so able to gather more than 200 concerts. Regrettably, with the arrival of the CDs and a new passion for the group U2, I interrupted this collection and worse still, decided of on me débarasser of a big part of this one to keep only the best. It is only 2 years ago I decided to redo this collection not in cassettes, but indeed of course in CDs bootlegs. I so began to buy original bootlegs and begin for some time has echanger any concerts of the group on CD-Rs. My purpose is desormais to gather the most possible of concerts of the group to return a big collector of a group who will stay although he takes place, one of the best of all the history of the rock.

Good visit...



Yes, welcome on my site of trades of bootlegs of THE POLICE. The purpose of this site is, as you have to think of it, to be able to develop my personal collection grace in trades which I could make with you. During your visit, you go to be able to notice that I have made an index card for every bootleg. This index card so decompose:


- TRACKS : if the bootleg consists of several CDs, I distinguish well the titles on every CD

- COVER : A reduced image indicates the front cover of the CD. I suggest you can download covers frontside / backside under a fomat of 72 dpi. If however you wish supplementary photos or better quality, do'nt hesitate to send me your demand by E-Mail.

- VENUE OF THE CONCERT : the city, the country as well as the room are mentioned. I also note eventuels bonuses, if however I have the certainty of the information.

- DATE OF THE CONCERT : Of meme that for the place, I indicate the date of bonuses.

- NUMBER OF TITLES : this is the total number, whatever is the number of CDs.

- DURATION OF THE CD : same that above.

- ORIGIN : if the concert arises from an official bootleg, it will be specified that this CD is a "Soundboard". For quite other origin (audience recordings, taken TV or FM), will be clarified the exact origin. NOTE: I possess very few concerts downloaded from MP3. Those if are naturally specified

- LABEL : It is about the label which produced and thus (diffused the CD, if that this is however a soundboard. For quite other non-official source, it will be indicated "unofficial bootleg".

- NUMBER OF CATALOG : The number is only available on soundboards.

- YEAR : If it is a soundboard, it is the year of manufacturing that is indicated, and not the year of the concert. For concerts stemming from non-official sources, it is the year of the concert that is indicated by default.

- SUPPORT : I make the difference between my original bootlegs and those whom I possess only in copy. If I possess myself the original bootleg, I mention it by the mention " original Bootleg ". If should the opposite occur I possess only a copy, it will be indicated "CD-R".

- QUALITY : It is the most delicate part ! Indeed, I fixed a personal note to every bootleg, note which concerns above all the sound quality. For the quality of the concert in him even, I only let you judge by you even, your being criteria surement different from mine. I left on a base going from 0 to 5 stars :

- : excellent quality
- : very good quality
- : good quality
- : average quality
- : bad quality
- : inaudible

- COMMENTS : Today, nobody comments is available. In the future I would note some remarks on the concert in him even, for example if it is complete, anecdotes on songs, on general atmosphere once again, it will be a completely personal judgment !

I advise you before quite other thing to consult the part "Rules". If I think of addressing connoisseurs, the persons ignoring the functioning of these trades will find some explanations to be followed. Here we are, I do not have more than to hope to make a lot of trades with you and than you will be satisfied. For any piece of information or question, you can always contact me by E-Mail.

Best Regards